Day Job

Here’s my official, business-y, bio:

Andrew Szatan is Director, Search & Web Analytics for Conversion Partners, LLC, an investment group specializing in the postsecondary education center. He oversees web strategy for the firm’s prospect-facing web sites, manages conversion optimization efforts, serves as a subject matter expert on marketing technology and chips in on special projects once in a while.

Andrew was one of the first non-education hires at Conversion Partners and in previous roles has been responsible for paid search, performance lead generation, traditional media, budgeting/forecasting/planning, brand strategy, creative development, sales support, and various other customer acquisition efforts as the firm’s portfolio grew from under 100 students to over 10,000.


Other Business Projects

Velasquez Catering & Concessions

When my father-in-law made the finals in the Big Tex Choice Awards (aka the fried food Oscars) in September 2012, I helped him create a new visual identity for his company, launch a website and establish a social media presence to capitalize on the spike in publicity. We did it all in a 3-week whirlwind and are looking forward to expanding on our efforts in 2013.

Uncle Esteban’s Real Tex Mex

My wife and I are in the early stages of attempting to package and market some of her family’s famous Tex Mex recipes. Her Mexican family has been working in the food business in Texas for four generations, so we feel like we’re sitting on some of the most legit Tex Mex recipes anywhere.